The Power of Fresh Content

Google gives content on your website a freshness rating or some call it a freshness score. While your blog, webpage or landing page may see an initial boost when crawled and displayed in the search results, if the content is never updated on a regular basis that rating will start to drop. This means that your page ranking will start to drop as well. This is known as a decaying webpage and the vast majority of websites suffer from content decay.

What Can Be Done To Stop Content Decay?

Being a business owner means that you don’t have the time to rewrite or write new content every month, week or day for that matter. The cost to hire a professional content writer could quickly eat up all your companies profits. But, there is a tool that can resolve this problem. Imagine that every time Google crawls your website that it sees fresh new content! Wouldn’t that be a game-changer and not only stop content decay, but breath life back into your website? This tool is a WordPress plugin we stumbled across last year called the SEO Content Randomizer.

What Does The SEO Content Randomizer Really Do?

It is an amazing tool that uses a vast database and shortcode system where you manually put in relevant content into certain special blocks and based on that content it random pulls the data out of those blocks to form sentences, paragraphs, pages, bullet points, quotes, etc.

Not only that, it can pull different pictures, video, coupons, banners, call to actions, and more! It is limitless and it is quickly changing how content is being written and how pages climb to the top of the search results and stay there. If old outdated content is the cancer of a website to Google, then the SEO Content Randomizer is the cure to cancer.

Is The SEO Content Randomizer Easy To Use?

For most DIY SEO people it can be challenging, but for most SEO companies they should be able to follow the instructional videos or talk to the great support staff and be up and running in no time. Imagine that every time a page loads or is crawled your website has fresh new life breathed back into it! Yes, content decay can ruin your website and your business, but you now know one tool to turn the tides in your favor! Get the SEO Content Randomizer and raise your Google freshness score and your website to the top of the search results!

Need Us To Do Your SEO Work With The SEO Content Randomizer?

If you need us to show you how this works or want us to to do your SEO work with this tool to save you serious money and get you amazing real results contact us.

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