Local SEO: You’re Paying Too Much For Very Little

Most business only operate and service customers in their local area. Goggle knows this and has been making changes to its algorithms and apps for years now to keep you in that small area not allowing you to branch out. With these changes Google is focusing on making the customers experience better, and in return is making things much harder for local business to reach their customers. We will go through some of the issues you unknowingly are facing with the constant algorithm changes and how they can be overcome. We’ll also address the cost some SEO companies are charging you and why you need to think about investing those marketing dollars into a better system that is far more cost-effective and drives a better ROI.

Google My Business Helps & Hurts Local Businesses

One of the greatest things you can do for your local business is to claim your Google My Business listing. One of the worst things you can do for your business is claim it, and then never touch it. Once it is claimed you need to put a lot of work into keeping it up to date with fresh content, photos, video, and much more. Google My Business or GMB for short is a beast to keep up for most business owners, but it can drive a lot of local business your way. Unfortunately, GMB keeps your business fixed to a small and very localized area if not optimized properly. All those customers that you service or want to come to your brick and mortar can’t find you if not updated. Yes, there are ways to overcome this, but it cost a lot of time and money for you or your current SEO company to do. Get ready, the price if you even knew to ask about it wasn’t the worst part.

Time to be pissed! First, you DO NOT own your GMB listing and to make your head explode Google can, will, and does put your competitors’ PPC advertisements in your listing with a call to action to reach out to them on your GMB listing! I know, I know, you need to calm down! I can hear you saying WTF all the way over here! Don’t worry, we actually laugh about this now as we know how to disrupt the system.

What Can You Do To Overcome This Local SEO BS?

Local landing pages are the answer to overcoming much of this. With local landing pages being focused on each city you are trying to target your chances of capturing new business just went up drastically. But here is the issue that you will or already have run into. Most SEO companies are charging you an arm and a leg to build them for you. They charge you per page and they’re done poorly. We are going to cover exactly what is really going on so you have a better understanding of where your money is going or why not to hire your run of the mill self-proclaimed SEO guru.

The Local SEO Landing Page Game To Drain Your Money

[dis-ruhp-tiv] will most likely not be liked by many in our industry because they know we’re letting the cat out of the bag. That’s ok, as we are honestly sick of the BS in the industry. With that said let’s cover the problems, and then focus on the solution. To start, let’s say you service 10 cities in your local market that you sell roofing services to. Your typical SEO company will charge you per city land page to maximize how much they are charging you. Then many SEO companies will tell you that each page should be focused on a single keyword, thus driving your cost up exponentially more. Here is an example: Roof Installation, Roof Repair, Roof Replacement, Roof Damage, Roof Leak. So 5 keywords each multiplied by 10 cities and you are being changed for 50 Landing pages.

To top it off and add a tad more salt to your wounds the content that is used is often copied across each landing page and just the city info is changed out. Laziness at its finest if we do say so ourselves. Why is this an issue you may ask? Goggle sees this as spam and low-quality content and will penalize your rankings for it more and more over time. This copy and paste low-quality content is even worse as it is static content. The issue with static content is that it lowers your Google Freshness score, as your web pages and overall website will suffer from content decay. Lastly, you’re often charged a monthly fee or it is included in a monthly fee to review all the glorious things that they did for you last month. The truth is you have been paying to much for very little. See below the overview of this bad model.

  • Charge Per Single City Landing Page
  • Charge Per Keyword Landing Page
  • Charge You To Duplicate Same Content On All Landing Pages
  • Charge Per Single City Landing Page To Freshen Up Old Decaying Content
  • Charge Monthly Fee To Review What Little They Did For Your Money

Local SEO Landing Pages That Have Real Value & Cost A Fraction Of The Money

Time to disrupt and shake up the system. The answer to overcoming the issues we have spelled out above involves utilizing two tools. Yup, it is that simple and you heard us right, we use TWO TOOLS which have proven successful for many businesses across many industries. The first tool is what is known as the Landing Page Generator. This advanced WordPress plugin allows us to build a template landing page that controls every city in the United States. That means in the above scenario instead of charging you for 10 landing pages we would charge for one and you could do every city around you and not be limited! In the above scenario, we multiplied the 10 landing pages to 5O as most SEO companies want you to optimize for each keyword. Again, this is bad advice that doesn’t have your interest at heart.

Google likes content with keywords that are similar and related to each other written in the content that gives a better end-user experience. You will rank better when you don’t keyword stuff and write content that is good and covers all the related services in one area. What does this mean for you? We just brought those 50 landing pages down to 1 template landing page still. Imagine the cost savings when you not paying for 50 landing pages separately, but one!

Now comes in the second tool as we have to address duplicate content and your Google freshness score. This is all handled with the other WordPress plugin called the Content Randomizer we wrote about in our last blog. This amazing SEO tool allows us to keep every landing pages’ content new every single time Google crawls any landing page. This stops content decay and raises your freshness score and allows you to rise to the top search results. Make sure to check out that last article we wrote about that for even more info.

We hope you enjoyed this article and have disrupted your thinking about your current practices just some!!!!! If you want to save money, dominate your local search, get your phones ringing, or simply said have us take over your local SEO at a fraction of the cost with better results contact us today. Don’t forget to show some love and share this post on social media!

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